Is there a way to increase the undo history size?

Hey guys!
Anyone knows, if there is a way to increase the undo history size?
I havn't found such an option in the IDE settings.
I would like to set it to at least 2000 steps ;-)
If anyone knows how to set that, please let me know. Thanks.


Hi Stephan,

AFAIK it is not possible (definitely not from Settings screen).

Have you tried Local History functionality? Every time file is saved an entry will appear in Local History -- so you can rollback to that point (which can be days or even weeks ago).


Hi Stephan,

There is an internal setting indeed, but increasing may lead to large memory consumption (to keep all the previous states of the files). It is recommended to use Local history view (docs are somewhat outdated, but you will get the idea) which is also much more powerful than just going through consequent states one by one.



So, what is the internal setting?  I agree with Stephan that the number of undos is too low.  I would like to adjust it manually.



Thanks, that worked for me!


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