Mac OSX Keymap differences

Where can I find out the differences between the two mac keymap settings? I can't locate it in the reference. I'm struggling with the keyboard navigation shortcuts. There is basic maneuvering within other editors like Sublime Text and BBEdit that just doesn't work here. I'm trying to wrap my head around it.


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The Mac 10.5+ keymap honors OS/X conventions. The other Mac keymap is basically just a direct port of the Windows keymap to a Mac keyboard. For example, Cmd-W in the "normal" Mac keymap is "select word at carat" while the 10.5+ keymap is "close window". You want to use the 10.5+ keymap. Otherwise once you build up Mac keyboard convention muscle memory, you'll find yourself cursing IntelliJ every time you Cmd-W to close the window and see a word selected instead.


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