Version 4.5 a step backwards

Our development team has reverted back to version 4.0.3 due to the scanning dependencies and recompilation 'feature' of version 4.5

We work with a very large project (>10'000 classes) very happily with version 4.0.3. When we compile one class it compiles that only that class and we are happy. With version 4.5 when we compile a class Idea embarks on a mission to analyse dependencies. This can take a few minutes. Once analysed it then compiles all dependent classes including all recursively dependent classes. When compiling a high level class this can take another few minutes. The result is that compiling some classes can result in 5-10 minute wait. Faced with this form of 'compiler russian roulette' we have moved back to version 4.0.3

Is there any means of switching off this new behaviour in version 4.5?

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