Node.js + Debug + nodemon or supervisor = JRebel like


I'm a longtime java dev who is currently playing around w/ the wonderful world of Node and learning what's new.

Of course my very first step is to use my favourite tools, IntelliJ / WebStorm.

I have a question that I was hoping someone might be able to answer.

In a Java / JVM world, I'm able to use the native HotSpot to reload my code changes or use JRebel which does an even better job.  I don't have to restart the java server and I have a brilliant form of "Edit and Continue"

What is the equivalent in Node?  I have been playing with Node and nodemon and supervisor:

  • and when I start a "Run session" in IntelliJ / Webstorm + when I modify my .js, the node server will restart and my code change is reflected
  • when I start a "Debug session" in IntelliJ / Webstorm + when I modify my .js, the debug session is killed.
  • If I run nodemon outside of IntelliJ / Webstorm and connect via a Remote Debug session, this Remote Debug session is also killed when I make a code change and nodemon restarts the server.

How can I start the debug session in IntelliJ / Webstorm + keep it running to reflect code changes to give me equiv HotSpot / JRebel functionality?

Many thanks

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please vote for (and check comments there for possible workarounds)

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