Nothing happening with Bugreports

I hev placed numerous bugreports and feature requests in the tracker. Most concern the reformatting option in PhpStorm, like issues with indentation and alignments.

However, nothing seems to be done with these reports. It sometimes changes status. But nothing else.

Most of these tracker items get assigned Rustam Vishnyakov.

But there is no form of feedback. Reporst just lie there, some already for longer than a year.
When asking for a status update, nothing. No reply, no questions, no nothing.

I love PhpStorm and would love to help make it better, but I feel like it is pretty useless reporting any issues at all, if there is no response.

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This just means that reports/requests you're filed will be dealed with later.
As any other team we manage a limited resource set.
We receive an process hundreds of reports.
Here is a "resolve history" link

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Ok, that may be, but waiting a year for nothing is not very encouraging for your users to try and help again.

I'd advise you simply reply to new bugreports/feature requests with just that info: We'll look into this around whatever time.
You have the time to assign these tracker items and change/correct titles. It takes little more effort to just put some feedback in there too.


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