Compile vs Runtime Classpath ?


Up until now, I've just used Idea for coding, preferring to use Ant and the command line for compiling and running. I'd like to start to use Idea more for compiling, testing, debugging etc.

I have a question about Idea's concept of a project. In the past I've only had compile time dependencies in my project libraries. This works well because I know I won't be able to import any class that I am not compiling against. When debugging and running, though, it seems like I have to use the same classpath as when I compile (or the classpath of another module). This seems less than ideal though since I'll be filling up my project libraries with all sorts of stuff that I don't want any compile-time dependencies on.

It looks like I can define illegal dependencies in the Analyze Dependencies dialog, however, this seems like it would be tedious to do for all the libraries I need at runtime.

Any suggestions?

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