Does PHPStorm support "highlighting all instances of selected text"?

I'm currently using RapidPHP as my IDE.

I've been trying PHPStorm and love it, but there's one major thing that RP does that PS does not (at least not that I can find).  That's auto-highlighting all instances of selected text.

Here's a screenshot of RapidPHP:


RapidPHP will pretty much let me select anything and it will highlight all other instances of that text in the file.  I can do it with tags, functions, attributes, quoted text and more.  And it does so automatically.  Here I've got the word "hidden" on line 24 selected.  You can see all other instances of "hidden" are highlighted (automatically) within that file.

I've been able to get PHPStorm to do this by by pressing <CTRL><SHIFT><F7>, but can't seem to get it to auto highlight.

Does PHPStorm do this?  If so, how do you enable it?  If not, how do I submit a feature request?  Or better yet, are there any plugins that do?


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Hi there,

Does RapidPHP do this?

Erhm .. hello?

You wrote quite a bit of text explaining what RapidPHP does .. and now you asking (confirmation?) if it actually does it? This makes no sense .. unless it's a typo.

In any case -- Yes, PhpStorm can do that -- just select the desired text (any text) and press Ctrl+F (or whatever shortcut you may have there for "View | Find | Find...") -- all instances of selected text on this page will be highlighted and you can easily navigate between them (Find Next / Find Previous).

If you are interested in automatic highlighting (when no need to select anything and press any shortcuts) you can install "Browse Word At Caret" plugin and enable automatic highlighting (only after plugin is installed and enabled, of course) at "Settings | Editor | Appearance | Highlight Word at Caret". Please note that this works for single words (e.g. $myVarName) only (the most frequent usage + plugin name implies just that) while Ctrl+F works for any text.

BTW, the Ctrl+Shift+F7 (Highlight Usages in File) you have mentioned does not work with random text -- it works with specific elements only (like variable/field, function/method name etc).

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Sorry... that was a typo.  I have corrected it in my post.

I tried Browse Word At Caret.  It works great... just what I'm looking for.



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