Versioning is not working anymore, even though VCS is still configured

Hi everyone,

My PhpStorm is acting strangely and I can't figure why. It started when I copied files from another project to this one. PhpStorm asked me if I wanted to add those file to Subversion, I answered yes. That's where things started to be weired. Instead of getting green in the project tree, those files stayed red. Adding them through "Subversion > Add"  was not working, so I restarted PhpStorm. Now every files that I add/modify don't get colored, and PhpStorm tells me there's nothing to commit... A "Clean Up" didn't do anything.

I still can commit my files through command line...

I'm running on Ubuntu 12.04 and PhpStorm 7.0

Thanks for your help.

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First of all try File | Invalidate caches.
Also try to start IDE with the defaults by deleting/renaming setting folder (.WebIde70) .

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please can you attach  the idea.log with svnkit logging enabled ("-Djavasvn.log=true", refer to for details)?

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also, can you attach a screenshot of your project view,
that shows the files that behave strangely?and the screenshot of changes/subversion working copies info tab.
I suppose that you have copied .svn stuff from a different project when copying file - can it be the case?


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