Can't recognise TextMate Colour Scheme

Hi there,

So I found a colour scheme I really like, it's the Peacock scheme from - Now I've installed the base IDE colour scheme and all is working fine and dandy. However, I also need to install a textmate bundle (a .blade.php bundle for Laravel). This also, installs absolutely fine, but the theme it uses is one of the standard ones bundled with PHPStorm. The bottom section of Settings > Textmate Bundles shows that you can assign a TextMate Colour Scheme to your IDE Colour Scheme (assuming so that any textmate bundles will use this colour scheme). However, Peacock is not one of the available ones.

PHPStorm only seems to recognise it's original TextMate Colour Schemes, and nothing I seem to do makes it recognise the Peacock one (there is also a Peacock.tmTheme on the Github, which I hoped I could use).

I have placed the theme in plugins/textmate/lib/themes where the others reside, but PHPStorm does not recognise them.

Hopefully that wasn't too confusing, I'm looking for any advice as I really love the Peacock colour scheme :) I'm using Ubuntu 13.10 if it makes a difference.

Any help greatly appreciated

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Please do the following: take peacock.xml from then put it to the folder according to .
After that restart PhpStorm and the theme should appear.

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Hi Liubov,

Thanks for your reply. It would seem that I could not import settings on Linux the way Windows & Mac users do (i.e. the first method from your link). However, after following your link I was able to put Peacock.xml in the PhpStorm config folder (~/.WebIde/config/colors on Ubuntu), and sure enough Peacock showed as an available color scheme. Thank you for your help.



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