On server development using Drupal and drush- staying in sync


I do my drupal development on a remote server so I have PHPStorm configured with a local copy of the website and use SFTP to transfer my code to the live server.  Everything has been working great.

The problem I have is caused by my use of drush to update modules on the server. When these modules get updated, the file dates are old and cause syncing issues when I try to resync the remote site with my local copy.

I'd like the server to always control what the local copy of my site looks like unless I am explicitly saving a file with changes from PHPStorm.

Is there I setting or workflow that helps with this situation?  I've tried 'download from here', but it doesn't seem like the best solution.


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could you please elaborate your issue. If you want your files on server to be always same as local, setting File | Settings | Deployment | Options | Upload changed files automatically to the default server to Always would help you. Please note that you need to set your server as default one in File | Settings | Deployment | Options. Also by default only files changed by IDE are autouploaded. If you want to files changed by external program (for example, drush) to be also autouploaded, please enable  File | Settings | Deployment | Options | Upload external changes.

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