Problem with xdebug: Cannot evaluate / parse expression 'isset($_SERVER['PHP_IDE_CONFIG'])'

I'm debugging web pages - and that works fine.

But when a page sends an AJAX request to the webserver (we're using AngularJS), I'm getting this:

Cannot accept external Xdebug connection: Cannot evaluate expression 'isset($_SERVER['PHP_IDE_CONFIG'])'

I  tried setting PHP_IDE_CONFIG to "serverName=mylocaldomain" - it doesn't  help. If I set it to just "mylocaldomain", I'm getting a different  error:

Cannot accept external Xdebug connection: Cannot parse the value of '$_SERVER['PHP_IDE_CONFIG']'

I tried all the different xdebug options suggested, it doesn't help.

I'm on Windows7, phpStorm 5.0.4.

Please help, I really need to be able to debug...


has the same problem.

xdebug.extended_info = 1

this is solution. ty Kevin Archer


I was having this issue as well and after searching all the posts related to this topic was unable to find a solution that worked for me.

While playing around with my xdebug settings one at a time I found that xdebug.extended_info was 0.. after changing it back to 1 everything now works again. This was initially disabled because I was not remote debugging and I forgot to renable it.


Hi Andrew,

1) Please provide some simple project to test (must be standalone -- includes all required files). This is what I have tried (jQuery library was used -- see attachment) and it works just fine here on Windows 7; IIS 7.5, PHP 5.4.11 (FastCGI), xdebug 2.2.1

2) If that does not work for you as well, then please provide your php.ini and xdebug settings (both from php.ini and output from phpinfo() ). Quite possible that it is your (environment?) configuration (not necessary xdebug/php only, but combination of web server (apache?) + php + xdebug).

Try capturing contents of $_SERVER array during such ajax request (not necessarily in debug mode) -- it may provide some hints.


Strangely enough, when I $.post() with jQuery, debugging works perfectly normal.

I'll try to catch the exact conditions when it fails with AngularJS and will send it to you once I have that.



Strangely enough, when I $.post() with jQuery, debugging works perfectly normal.

Maybe AngularJS sends different sets of headers.. that somehow affect xdebug? Never worked with AngularJS so have no clue.


I've tried this example from this site and it debugs here fine as well:


Debugging a file named «test.php» in IntelliJ IDEA / PhpStorm can lead to the «Cannot evaluate expression '`isset($_SERVER['PHP_IDE_CONFIG'])`'» failure.
Renaming the debugged file has solved the problem in my case.


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