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Hi there,

AFAIK this is not implemented.

PhpStorm/WebStorm/etc Emmet integration primarily focuses on working with abbreviations (the most requested part) rather than on these additonal features (especially since CSS pre-processors (like LESS/SASS/etc) can do that for you, in addition to many other features).

You can file Feature Request ticket to Issue Tracker asking for this feature to be implemented (but check for any existing tickets first)

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Thank you, I filed this as a bug/feature request, because in my opinion if it says it supports Emmet, then it should do almost completely.

Also, I think simple math is very very helpful during programming without using any compilers like LESS.

in a styles.css
background-postion: 0 -44px;

and you go there and type +44 and it simply adds them.

We are living in 2014 :)


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