Mocha configuration - passing additional parameters to mocha


My tests are written with mocha and the applicatoin is a Node.js service. I am able to create a new mocha config in WebStorm 7.0.3 and run the tests successfully. I want to add an additional commant line argument to mocha for monitoring a given folder for file changes. If you run mocha from Terminal, you can achieve this with the -w switch as follows:

mocha -R spec -w test/unit/*.js

I want to achieve the same but through the WebStorm mocha configuraiton. How can I add the -w switch? Attached find my mocha configuration, where I do not see a way to add the -w command line option.

- George Ivanov

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Yes, seems that it's not supported now. I went ahead and voted for the . Hopefully, it gets implemented soon. Is there any workaround to be used in the interim?


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