Suggestions: Coping with exisiting directory structures??

I'm working on a project where most of the developers are using Eclipse . The build is performed with Ant .

The project structure is in a single tree, that was originally intended to contain one J2EE application. . Idea has difficulty with this basic structure, as the ejb modules have two targets .

A second Enterprise Application was grafted onto this structure. Its directory has a single 'src' directory, and builds an EJB module and a web app .

Ant handles building multiple targets by filtering the source files, and assigning multiple output directories

While I can use the Ant scripts within Idea to build, I was wondering if anyone had suggestions to use some of the native Idea capabilities to help with organization.

[and yes, just to complicate matters, much of the source code is generated during the Ant build process - so Ant is a requirement]

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I would suggest using the native capabilities of your revision control
system to handle the organization.

We also have a very screwed up project structure in our revision control
system (PVCS). I use the "workfile location" mapping ability to check
out the files in the structure that I want on my local file system.
Since PVCS supports multiple workspaces, each one has the appropriate
mapping for a given development environment. We have one for our ANT
build process, one for Eclipse, one for IDEA 3.0 and one for IDEA 4.x.
It really didn't take very long to do the mapping.

If your ant build process needs the files in a specific project
structure, as ours does, simply check in your files using your IDEA
workspace, switch to the ANT workspace, retrieve them into the required
structure, and do the ANT build. The two structures should not overlap,
so I keep them on different logical drives. Also, I don't do the ANT
build process very often. I let IDEA build my Web Application during my
development and only do a full ANT build to ensure that my changes work
in the standard build environment prior to promoting the files to the
promotion group used for CM builds.

It may not solve all your problems, and it may not even be possible
depending on your revision control system, but that's how I handle it.


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That wouldn't be to bad - except thay are using source safe.

oh, and they don't have a ss admin - no one can set passwords, so the command line client is unavailable and so Idea's ss plugin doesn't work. In any case, the offshore developers can't access the SS repository - their changes are unconditionally added without attempting to merge.[/rant]

Since VSS can barely keep track of files at the best of times, I don't want to stress it further by attempting to alter base directories along the source tree

If I was working on a file system that supported links/alias/shadows, I would have just the links in Idea's project structure and the real files where Ant expects them.

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If you are on Win2K/XP you can use Junctions.
Check out:


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