No 'Settings' under file menu


I am using WebStorm 7 on the lastes Mac OS for some javascript code.

I am trying to exclude some directories from being indexed because otherwise WebStorm is very slow: a one character change causes multiple seconds of re-indexing which makes everything veeeery slow.
The help online said I can do so under Settings-->Directories, however I do not see a 'Settings' menu at all. Only 'Default Settings'. If I go to 'Default settings' --> Directories, it is just a grey box, no buttons, no data, nothing. (See attached)

I think I used to have the setting button shortcut before, but it is no longer there. (I think it disappeared around the same time, I entered my license info)

Please help! Otherwise, I will have to bail on WS. It's not usable with the constant indexing.


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For Mac OS it's PhpStorm | Preferences. (See screenshot attached.)

Screen Shot 2014-01-16 at 13.31.52.png

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Hi there,

On Mac it follows standard naming and location for settings -- it's called Preferences.

It also uses standard keyboard shortcut -- Meta+, (Meta + Comma)

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Thanks. I feel like a doofus.  


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