The font in WebStorm's UI is bold since 7.0.3

I am using WebStorm in Ubuntu 13.10 with theme Darcula.
From when i upgraded to version 7.0.3, the font that is used everywhere in UI is bold. I am talking only of the font used in Menus, Tool Windows, Options window, but not the editor. In the editor the font is ok.
It seams the same problem exists for "Alloy. IDEA Theme" and "GTK+" theme but not in "Intellij" theme. In "Intellij" theme the font remained regular.

I changed the theme from File -> Settings -> IDE Settings -> Appearance. For the font one can chose the name and the size (it seams is not recomanded to change that), but no option for bold exists.

Any idea how to fix this?

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It seems it is the same problem. I removed the font package as suggested and the font is not bold anymore. But it still feels odd. I think the font is bigger then before. Not sure if it's only my feeling or not. I really liked the environment in the previous version and now seems that something is not quite well.

I will make a virtual machine and install the WebStorm there on a clean Ubuntu. I'll be back with the conclusions.


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