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I'm trying out Idea 4.0.3 and I am having trouble debugging some of my classes. I have a remote debug session (with Tomcat) and as I am stepping through the code in a servlet, I want to step into a class that is from another module... but it wont go there. Alternatively, I set the step breakpoint in this other class and the debugger recognizes it but only brings up the 'compiled' version of the class, and not the source code.

In Idea 3.0, this was not a problem for me.

Thanks for any help!

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I'm having a similar problem debugging a web module in IDEA 4.0.3 with resin 2.1.12 using the resin plugin.

The web module uses a second Java module configured in IDEA. The module is compiled with debug info (using Ant: debug="on" debuglevel="lines,vars,source"), and the classes for the Java module end up in a *.jar *file in WEB-INF/lib/ of the web module. Additionally the web moduleis configured with the Java module as a dependency (not sure what difference this actually makes. It doesn't seem to make any difference).

Debugging of the Java module works intermittently. Sometimes it works just fine. Sometimes breakpoints come up as "Compiled Code" - i.e. the debugger believes that symbols are unavailable. It sometimes helps to restart IDEA. I have no clue what the problem is.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


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