Is it proper to put spaces around minus sign in Stylus?

I have not found this info anywhere and my case is - I use WebStorm as my primary IDE for web projects. When I edit a Stylus file and format it with default WebStorm format tool, it adds spaces after negative value minus sign so this:

  background-position 0px -115px  

turns into this:

  background-position 0px - 115px

And as a result, when Stylus processor runs through this file, it thinks that I want to get a result of (0 - 115)px as a subtraction, so finally in CSS file it becomes this:

  background-position -115px

Which is nor legit as a CSS rule neither correct for my case.
So the question is it correct at all to have a space after a minus sign at all in Stylus or even CSS?

I have also put this question on Stackoverflow:

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it's a bug, logged as Please vote for this ticket


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