Configure remote debugging for multiple sites for a single project

I'm sorry for asking this, as I'm sure there are answers everywhere, but my searches have revealed nothing conclusive.

I've been using PHPStorm for a few years and am now trying to take advantage of some of it's more advanced features, such as XDebug.  I suspect my lack of success is due to poor configuration of the project.

The project I'm working on serves multiple sites, a public site, an admin site, etc.  Typically these sites are served through a bootstrap with the aid of Apache mod_rewrite.  

The development sites themselves are served from a Vagrant box which mounts the project folder.  So there's no deployment required before I can open a modified file in my web browser.

I've defined an "In place" deployment server for each of the sites (Settings > Deployment) with appropriate mappings.  I also defined a PHP server for each (Settings > PHP > Server).  And I've managed to validate the remote environment one of the sites... not so easy for the others as the bootstraps won't allow access tot he validations script without authentication.  I'm using remote_mode=jit as recently introduced with 7.1.

So with that all done, I'm not sure what I'm missing to get PHPStorm to perform remote debugging.

I got to Run > Start Listen for PHP Debug Connections, but if I throw in a division by zero coding error and open the page, PHPStorm doesn't pick anything up.  So I'm obviously missing something.

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

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