Loading project takes ages

I'm currently testing IDEA 4.0.3 and I'm having big problems when I create a new project.

I have this web project that I'm going to do some maintenance on, it's not particularily big. So I create a new project, and just pick the existing folders. I'm then asked what libraries I want to include (WEB-INF/lib/*.jar), and I tick all of them. Then some dialog window comes up called "Loading Project". At this point it says someting about "Copying /path/to/libs/somejar.jar..." and this text stays for quite a while, then there is a very brief moment (tenth of a second or so) where I can see what looks like a progress bar, then it comes back with the "Copying..." message, the same jar file. For the 15 jar files (mostly Apache and Tomcat stuff) this takes something like 20 minutes.

When if has completed this I click the Project tab to get an overview. Now it comes up with a small window with the title "Loading Files", and the same "Copying ..." sort of message with the brief show of a progress bar. This is still running as we speak and has been for something like 10 minutes.

The project is on a Windows machine, I'm working from Linux, and the project directory is mounted using smbmount.

Anyone know what might be wrong?

Why isn't there not a wizard or something to load lots of existing code as a IDEA project?

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