Slow file parsing in the editor for large files

I develop a realy huge application in just 1 Java file with about 8000 lines. (Flame me if you want, this is for historical reasons ;) The whole project is already split in a lot of other Java files too and I already use IDEA for refactoring)

Back to the point: the file is really big and the parser of the editor is getting a lot TODO if it reparse the file after some editing. However IDEA did the job quite well, but in the last days it takes several second with high CPU load to reparse it. What can I do to solve this? I'm wondering if there is some kind of a debugging option related to this, which would help figuring out what IDEA is doing in this time.
I deleted the local history already, but this did not help very much.

Thanks for your help

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Finally I solved this turning on debugging in idea.lax. I saw that the local version control always took a long time to finish. Back to my project I checked all files and I saw there was a really huge directory in it ~300MB which was filled with temporary test data. This was the problem for the version control.


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