How to add packages to Dart projects?

In the Dart editor it automatically creates the dart.js and interop.js packages for you when a new project is created.  However these are not created by default within WebStorm, AFAIK.  Is there a menu command or configuration option I can use to add packages to my dart projects?

I got around the problem initially by creating a dummy project in the Dart editor and then just copied the files that it created into my WebStorm project but I figure theres got to be a better way than that.  Thanks for your help!   P.S. on a separate note I'm really enjoying the WebStorm experience - night and day between it and the Dart editor.  Great job!

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a new Dart project (File/New project/Dart Web Application) includes the pubspec.yaml file. Right-click on it and choose Dart:Get Dependencies (in WebStorm 7.0.3; in previous versions the action is called 'Install packages') - the needed files will be auto-added.


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