Weblogic questions (build 2144)

I have 2 questions related to Weblogic integration and wonder if these
are bugs (maybe known ones) or if I am doing something wrong..

1) I have a project with an EJB and a WEB module and have both
configured to deploy on a local WLS 8.1 server. After building the
project and starting the server, the WEB modules is marked as DEPLOYED
and the EJB module is marked as UNKNOWN. Looking at the WLS console,
both are deployed. Using the refresh button in IDEA does not help, the
EJB module remains marked as UNKNOWN.

2) I create a third module (J2EEAPP) containing the above modules and
deploy the APP module only. After building and starting the server, the
APP module gets marked NOT DEPLOYED which is correct according to WLS
console, but I cannot find errors in any log, so it seems IDEA does not
even try to deploy the module.

3) This is a more general question: in the first setup with the EJB and
WEB module, is there any way for the WEB module to access the ejb of the
EJB module? My problem is, that I cannot find a way in IDEA to get the
EJB module's classes included into the WEB module (neither as a JAR nor
the classes directly) and so the web application is missing the home and
remote interface classes (different class loaders in WLS unless you
deploy as a complete J2EE application where the EJB classloader is the
parent of the WEB classloader). It compiles perfectly, since the
dependency settings are used, but the EJB classes do not show up for
inclusion in the WEB module.


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