Open file list sorting?

I have a PHPStorm project with over 30,000 files, and I use the File Open feature very frequently.  My question is this: is there a way to sort these based on precedence?  For instance, list PHP files first?  I inevitably end up with a mess of XML or other files I don't ever edit listed before the entity I'm looking for.  

I found one issue relating to ordering of files in this list, which doesn't appear to have moved anywhere in the past 19 months.

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Hi there,

What exactly do you mean by "File Open".  Is it:

  1. "File | Open..."
  2. or "Navigate | File..."

For "Navigate | File..." you can use filter to list only files of specific file types (the filter/funnel icon) .. or just add extension as part of your query (e.g. "t.php" will list only .php files that have "t" in its name).


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