Any issues moving from WebStorm to IntelliJ?

We are currently using WebStorm for JavaScript development, GGTS (Eclipse) for grails and groovy development, and MyEclipse for Java Enterprise development. After using WebStorm for a while, a bunch of little things make it nice, plus Eclipse products have become slow and buggy over the years. In addition to doing grails/groovy development we will be doing Spring projects in the near future. So it would be nice to have a single IDE running that can handle web/JavaScript, Java Enterprise (EJB), grails & groovy, and Spring framework development.

I have downloaded the 30 day trial of IntelliJ and wonder if we'll lose any of the WebStorm functionality doing that? I'm assuming that if we upgrade to IntelliJ that we won't need WebStorm any longer - is this true? Are there any differences in how IntelliJ handles web/JavaScript resources compared to WebStorm?

Just trying to make sure I get the best use of time out of my 30 days to evaluate IntelliJ.

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Hi Mike,

You won't lose any functionality after moving to Intellij IDEA - it includes all WebStorm stuff. Note that not all plugins bundled with WebStorm are pre-installed in  Idea - for example, File Watchers, Live Edit and Node.js plugins are not  included. But they can be easily downloaded and installed from the  repository using Settings/plugins, Browse repositories...
See for more information


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