require_one external libs for project

Hi everyone,

Someone can help me to find how to avoid PHPStorm give me this message:

"Remote file path 'usr/share/library/Zend/Loader.php' is not mapped to any path in project"

In my remote server the file that I need to do a require_one, is at this location:

In my code I do:
require_once '/usr/share/php/zf/library/Zend/Loader.php';

I'm running my PHPStorm at local in windows, and I suppose that I need to added to my project, so where is the correct place to do it?

When debugging I have set my deployment server as connection type is: "In Place"

Anyone can help me!

thanks in advance

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how in PHPStorm we can map external files to a project?

any tip or help are wellcome

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>"Remote file path 'usr/share/library/Zend/Loader.php' is not mapped to any path in project"

This means that PhpStorm does not know which local file corresponds to the specified remote file path. Click the ‘Edit path mappings’ link and set the necessary path mappings to solve this issue.

>how in PHPStorm we can map external files to a project?

Are you talking about having

folder separate to the actual code? Please check out this issue on our tracking system:
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Hi Liubov,

big thanks for your help.

about this problem, I found out, that when in Debug mode, if I jump over the file that does the include or require, phpstorm dont report any error and I can continue debugging correctly and it does include the external lib.
But if Debugging I try to enter in the file that does an include its stop working.... a bit strange...

It is everything (project) is in the same server, with same access... and with other editors, no problem found debugging same project... just with phpstorm, perphaps I need to set extra info...

anyway by the moment I can control this situation.

thanks for help Liubov

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Can you please submit a request here:,

with isolated code fragment that you are trying to debug.

Please mention this thread in request.


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