Windows 8.1 Installation Error


Installation worked fine in Windows 8, but after upgrading to 8.1, starting getting this error. Reinstalling didn't help. This path is the home directory for "NT Authority\System".

Any thoughts?

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C:\Windows\System32\config\systemprofile is treated as your HOME doirectory for some reason... looks related. But this is a system folder you can't write to - thus the problem.
I'd suggest passing a different user home to WebStorm - just add -Duser.home=<your preferred location> to bin/WebStorm.exe.vmoptions file

Also, the config/system files location can be explicitly  changed in bin/ file, idea.config.path, idea.system.path,  idea.plugins.path and idea.log.path options

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Thank you Elena, it looks like that should work. Good detective work on finding that link; I couldn't find the right thing to Google on. Seems like it might be a JVM thing. Weird.

Thanks for your help.


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