Turn off "change markers" / "line status"

I used to know where the option was to turn off the version control change markers in the gutter of the editor, but I've just spent two solid hours looking through the settings, the help, scouring Google. I just can't take it anymore. There are references to "change markers" and "line status" all through the online help, but not a word about how to turn it off. Someone please help. This Macbook Pro is too expensive to smash into little bits. :D


The option to toggle the markers should be accessible by right-clicking the gutter (just like showing the line numbers or soft wraps). Don't you agree?


Bug reports & feature requests should go to project Issue tracker @ http://youtrack.jetbrains.net/issues/WI


Thanks! Was there a way to toggle them on in off before version 7? I swear there was an option to do so, that isn't there now. It must have been removed in the current version.


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