PHP in built localhost dosen't show all files

I am using PHPStorm and pressed debug.

For the most part the php files display fine. But there are files that for some reason don't show up including scripts that are linked to the web pages.
It says it cannot find it on the console or sometimes the web page dosen't show up at all and says 'No input file specified.'
The links are all fine, because it worked fine when they were HTML files.
What am I doing wrong?

Thank you!!!

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Hi there,

Unfortunately without some simple sample project (code on hands to try locally) it is not possible to say what could be wrong.

If all links are fine (i.e. it does not work when processing whole page but works fine when requesting that resource directly) .. then I could only think about "too many simultaneous requests" situation which built-in server possibly cannot handle properly.

Other than that -- please check your idea.log (Help | Show Log in ...) for possible hints.

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Along with checking all the paths maps of files on the local machine map to the server, also try
RIGHT CLICK THE 'projects' PANE -> DEPLOYMENT -> SYNC WITH DEPLOYED TO 'your-servers-name'

to make sure your local copy exactly matches the servers files.

If the files are out of sync debug can have issues.


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