How export "File watchers" settings?

I would like to export the File Watcher settings to give them but I don't know under which label they are referenced to export them (because I don't want to export anything else! (The less I can))

Could you guide me? Thank you.

false Code style schemes
false CodeInsight settings, Xml Settings, Code Folding Settings, Error highlighting settings
false Color schemes
false Default project settings
false Deployment servers
false Emmet (Zen Coding)
false File templates
false File types
false General Settings
false Global libraries
false Inspection profiles
false Key maps
false Live templates
false Macros
false Menus and toolbars customization
false Notifications
false Print settings
false Quick lists
false SDK Table
false TerminalOptions
false Tools
false UI Settings
false XML Options, Live Edit, Editor settings
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Hi there,

File Watchers are stored per project and therefore cannot be exported via "File | Export Settings..."

You have to use Export button on "Settings | File Watchers" screen (last button).


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