Code completion by using just the TAB key

I have a little problem with how code completion works in WebStorm. I recognize that is not a bug but rather a wanted behaviour; however for me, coming from the Visual Studio way-of-doing-things, the default behaviour of WebStorm is a little big "strange".

For example, if I'm writing some CSS code like this:


While I'm writing "text-al", WebStorms shows me all the possible choices to autocomplete the sentence. The first choice in the list is "text-align" and it is displayed slightly highlighted, which is exactly what I want to write in my code. If I use the arrow key to select "text-align" from the list then I can press the TAB key and have the word "text-align" inserted in the code for me. However, in many years of VS I was used to just press the TAB key and have the phrase completed for me, while here if I do not select any line in that list and I just press the TAB key, WebStorm inserts a word of its choice:


I hope that you have understood what I mean...

Is it possible to configure WebStorm so when I just press the TAB key without choosing a row in the list previously, I'll always complete the sentence with the first highlighted row in the list? So in this example I'd like to write in the CSS file "text-al", press the tab key and have WebStorm complete it by writing "text-align: "

Thank you very much and best regards

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Please see and related tickets. You can turn CSS Emmet (Settings/Emmet/Enable CSS Emmet) off to get rid of this problem

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Thank you very much. That solved my problem :-)


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