Debug Configuration; possibly unusual (evaluating PhpStorm)


I am evaluating PhpStorm because I am really tired of all of the bugs and shortcomings in Zend Studio and other PHP IDEs out there.
PhpStorm seems to get great reviews and except for debugging, looks great to me so far.

I have what may be an unusual setup.
I do all of my editing on OS X, previously with NetBeans and Zend Studio.
All of my source files (HTML, PHP, CSS, etc.) reside in a directory tree on one of the Mac's local disks.
The entire disk on which my sources reside is shared via NFS.

I run VMWare Fusion and have an Ubuntu VM configured with Apache, PHP, etc.
The Ubuntu installation mounts the NFS export from the Mac. The mount point is set up such that the absolute path to a file is identical on the Mac and Ubuntu
(e.g.: /Volumes/Data/VMShares/PhpLibrary/Smarty/ is the same directory from both the Mac and from Ubuntu).

This allows me to do my development without copying files around all the time.

What I have been unable to figure out is how to configure PhpStorm (V7 EAP) to debug in this environment.

Between Deployment servers, PHP servers, and path mappings, I am completely at a loss.

Help would be most appreciated.

Thanks in advance,



Will do.

Thanks for the links.

I'll get back here afterwards and let you know how it goes.


No Joy.

I can't even get the "zero-configuration" stuff to work.
The "Start Listen for PHP Debug Connections" button and menu item are disabled.

The "Start Listen for PHP Debug Connections" button and menu item are disabled.

I do not know what are you doing wrong (or, better say, what is going on wrong for you on your computer) ... but I have just installed both v6.0.3 as well as latest v7 EAP build in clean virtual environment (Windows 7 x64) where it has nothing configured at all (no PHP, no web server, no IDE configuration at all -- nothing) .. and that button/menu item is enabled for me. Maybe it's Mac-specific issue -- do not know.

I may only suggest checking you log file for possible hints/details: "Help | Show Log in ..."


Okay. Here's a question:

Is debugging available before "Updating indices..." has completed?

If not, that's probably the problem.

This project uses the 51 Degrees Lite library which comprises 146 PHP files.
I openend the Background Tasks window yesterday 16:15; it was working on a file named 14.php.
When I checked again at 21:45 last night, it was working on a file named 15.php.
Now (10:15 the next day), it's still working on 15.php which is only 1.4MB.
Also, the progress bar hasn't moved a single pixel since 16:15 yesterday.

And, the PhpStorm process is taking up 203% CPU time (on a four-core system).

Has anybody else experienced ridiculously long index update times?
Does this happen with Zend Framework? I had that proble with Zend Framework and Zend Studio.

Eagerly awaiting enlightenment ;)

Is debugging available before "Updating indices..." has completed?

Should be not.

Now (10:15 the next day), it's still working on 15.php which is only 1.4MB.

What kind of the file it is (what content)? Is it just pure PHP .. or does it has lots of SQL/regex/other languages mixed in (in any form, e.g. just strings or HEREDOCs)

Does this happen with Zend Framework? I had that proble with Zend Framework and Zend Studio.

I'm not using ZF v2 myself, but have two similar projects that have some ZF1 in it (just some classes are used, like URI, MAIL, CACHE) and it works OK for me.

1) Please try "File | Invalidate caches..."

2) If such "indexing taking loong time" will occur again (after #1) -- please file a ticket to the Issue Tracker

1) I assume all files are on local HDD (even better -- SSD) -- no network of any kind?
2) You are using v7 EAP build? If not (using v6) -- please try v7 EAP


So, I've been doing this with PhpStorm V7 EAP.
I also have an eval version of V6 so I decided to try this without the 51 Degrees library while letting the V7 process continue working.

Sure enough, the "Start Listen PHP Debug Connections" button isn't enabled until after the project analysis has completed.
And then, voila! Zero-config debugging actually worked. Hooray!

Under V7 EAP, using the project with the 51 Degrees library: did as you suggested.
I invalidated the caches. Same problem. I did that right after you posted the suggestion and it's still "Updating indices...".
The progress bar shows about 20% complete and the process is using between 100% and 125% of the CPU.

I will submit a bug report.

Thanks for the help.



Do not forget to attach problematic file to the ticket (that's important, otherwise devs will not be able to help as they need to see where IDE logic fails and why). When attaching -- you can mark such attachment as "visible to devs only" if it's private code.

Also -- attach idea.log to the ticket as well (Help | Show Log in Explorer)


The Listen for debug connections button appears to be disabled until PhpStorm has completed its analysis of the project.

There appears to be a bug in the analysis with certain libraries (the 51 Degrees mobi library in this case).


The issue is
Can't really attach the problematic file since it's a library.
I did provide links to the library's home and download pages.
Hope that is sufficient.



Turns out this whole thing was caused by the 51Degrees device detection library.
An oddity in that library caused the PhpStorm analysis code to effectively take forever to process the library and the debugger isn't enabled until the analysis is complete.
See for more information.

Many thanks to Alexey for his help and solution.


Recently encountered a problem setup remote debugging via SSH tunneling. I am sure it will be useful information - Remote debugging through XDebug and PhpStorm via SSH tunneling


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