Finding memory leak in javascript

I recently purchased WebStorm + dotTrace with profiler and memory debugger in the hope it might help me track down a memory leak I am experiencing. It's a .NET MVC app and I managed to setup the debugger in WebStorm to allow me to step through the codet. I can also start the dotTrace memory app and have it attach to my app running on IIS. Those sides appears to be working great. What I have not been able to locate is a memory tool for javascript running in a browser, that allow me to locate DOM  and ECMA objects and backtrack their references, so I can try and understand why the garbage collector is not destroying the objects after use. I was hoping your package supplied that. I found a 3rd party program called Sieve, that does portion of what I am looking for, however it is very slow and tends to freeze up. It does have a reference counter, but no apparent way for me to backtrack what is holding the reference, so I can cut it.

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