Why does my framework tool window not show my controllers?

I installed the Symfony2 framework, enabled Symfony2 framework integration, and according to one tutorial in my Framework tool window I'm supposed to be able to drill down to controllers but there is no way to drilldown. What am I doing wrong? See pictures for what I'm talking about

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Same here: everything integrate perfect with my Symfony2 project (command line tool, etc.) except the framework view.
My bundles, entities, controllers, etc. simply don't show in the framework tool window.

Any idea?

(PS: it used to work ok, iirw, in PHPStorm 6)

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I've finally found out.
In Settings/PHP/Framework integration, where Symfony2 is enabled as the project framework, elements in the tree view MUST be populated.

Example: I've set /src/my/myBundle as "Bundle root" in the "Element" column (simply click in front of the folder, in the column element, and select the appropriate element)
Then it is indexed and elements (entities, controllers, etc.) are now listed in the appropriate folder.

This was pretty simple, but I cannot remember doing this in PHPStorm 6 (did the framework integration do it for me?).

Hope this helps.


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