Deployment Descriptor Change

I posted a feature request for this, and I thought I would post it in here to see what others think. I can't think of a reason why this would be bad, but perhaps others can.

In deployment descriptor portion of J2EE Webapp setup, we can choose .xml files of any kind. This is very cool, I just used it to add resin-web.xml and springapp-servlet.xml. However sometimes I want to include something like to be deployed for a particular webapp. Unfortunately I can't because you don't allow picking files with anything except .xml extension.

While this might not be the intent of what deployment descriptors is, I see no reason why you can't call this section deployment resources, and allow us to choose single files in this location. After all we can set where these files are deployed to, so what is the harm in allowing any type of file? (After thinking about this, don't allow .jsp, .html etc... but definitely resouce files like .xml and .properties files)

There is no other spot in the setup to choose single files for deployment, and this would be great to resolve that.



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