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I would be really grateful if someone can help me with a peculiar problem. I am writing the plugin for IntellijIDEA under 3.0.5 build 706.

The plugin is loaded and runs ok if I keep it as a collection of .class files in the idea/plugins folder, but fails to be detected by the IDEA if I pack it into a standalone jar file. (I am attaching both the complete project directory tree, and the jar library built from it).

The problem has been replicated on four different machines running under Windows 2K.

Thanks a lot for any help,

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I have not observed the plugin loading as simple collection of classes, but I have noticed some problem with action description in plugin.xml, does it work in following way?:
anchor="after" relative-to-action="dummy", maybe it is better to use anchor="last".
Hope that this advice is of value.


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