Cannot evaluate expression 'isset($_SERVER['PHP_IDE_CONFIG'])' - When Debugging

Everything I find on this topic is related to CLI debugging, I am not doing CLI debugging.

When I attempt to debug PHP I get the following error message in PHPStorm:
Cannot accept external Xdebug connection: Cannot evaluate expression 'isset($_SERVER['PHP_IDE_CONFIG'])'

I am on Win 7 with Version 4.0.2 of PHPStorm.

I assume I just have something configured incorrectly, but I have tried everything to fix it with no luck, and "the google" hasn't returned anything very helpful with this issue.


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When I faced that issue, the reason was that the two PHP extensions "Xdebug" and "Zend Debugger" were active at the same time. Disabling "Zend Debugger" fixed it for me.

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In my situation all solutions not worked. As a result the reason of trouble was accelerator (eAccelerator). Try to turn off all such things.

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Debugging a file named «test.php» in IntelliJ IDEA / PhpStorm can lead to the «Cannot evaluate expression '`isset($_SERVER['PHP_IDE_CONFIG'])`'» failure.
Renaming the debugged file has solved the problem in my case.


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