Run/Debug configuration -- local path always changes to remote URL

Running WebStorm 7.0.3 on Win8, with the JetBrains IDE support plugin for Chrome.

When I try to create or edit a JavaScript debug config, and browse to an index.html on my local drive, it always pastes in the corresponding remote URL that I'm mapped to. Which means it won't actually be debugging the local changes. (I don't upload changes until SVN commits).

I have the local debugging working okay by manually pasting an explicit path to the file, but I've had that working before and something eventually corrupts either the local and/or remote configurations. It's also not in the 'localhost' format, which I've never gotten to work. It would be nice to have things working the way they're supposed to, so I'm hoping someone can help. Searching the forums, google, and help files has not yielded anything but trial and error frustration.

For example, I'm pretty sure I had both local and remote working initially, but then I started getting errors (dir not found) when uploading changes to the remote server. I'm not exactly sure what I did to fix that since I tried so many different things. But eventually, the Remote Host configuration was empty, and after recreating it, the remote upload worked ok. But the local debugging didn't work after that, with the above behavior.

Not sure what other details might be needed to help diagnose what's wong. Please ask.

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