Unresolved function or method

I know there are many topics about this problem but I can't find the solution.
I have unresolved method "mousedown" from jQuery in my code:
I think it is because these methods are added dynamically from strings in jQuery.
(See line 6720 http://code.jquery.com/jquery-2.0.3.js)
So, the question is how to make phpStorm resolve such methods?

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works fine for me (using the JQuery-2.0.0 downloaded from Settings/javascript/libraries, Download... ). Function is resolved. Ctrl+click leads to jQuery.each() in http_code.jquery.com_jquery-2.0.0.js:

jQuery.each( ("blur focus focusin focusout load resize scroll unload click dblclick " +
    "mousedown mouseup mousemove mouseover mouseout mouseenter mouseleave " +
    "change select submit keydown keypress keyup error contextmenu").split(" "), function( i, name ) {

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Thanks, Elena! It works Ж)


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