From the front lines: IBM donates code to Eclipse

In particular:

"Software consortium Eclipse on Tuesday announced that IBM's contribution
will form the basis of the Visual Editor Project."

"The ... starting point for the project will be IBM's Visual Editor for
Java, a subset of the capabilities available in WebSphere Studio"

"The initial code for the Visual Editor Project will include a GUI builder
for the Swing user interfaces. A set of GUI tools that work with the SWT
guidelines is scheduled for delivery in the first half of 2004. Eclipse
members have also agreed to create a system of interoperability between
Swing and SWT, according to an IBM representative. "

"...having two options for building GUIs does invite more participation in
Eclipse, particularly for independent software providers..."

And from
"Other contributors, including Advanced Systems Concepts, Instantiations,
and Red Hat, will provide resources to deliver SWT support, Eclipse said."

May I remind you, that Instantiations acquired SWT Designer a while ago.

So, I hope that SWT will become more popular, its sandwich-style GUI
approach may be dated, but well-known to a lot of developers and for me as
well. SWT is fast, has native l&f and supports native OS features like

Eclipse is getting more and more attractive and it is free. Will this move
from IBM, Sun and Instantiations affect JetBrains position on having Swing
UI designer only?

Michael J.

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And now, the plugin you were talking about is out, its name is AUIML.

And my boss wants me to use it.
Do I have to convert myself to eclipse?


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