What phpdoc syntax do I use for Iterators in phpstorm?

Given the following iterator:

class foo implements Iterator
      * @return bool
     public function current()

I then create an instance:

$x = new bla;

foreach($x as $y)
     echo $y;

phpstorm is unable to tell me that $y is a boolean.

I actually need to do this with objects instead of booleans, but I suppose the phpdoc construct would be the same.

Anyone any idea how to tell phpstorm what an iterator holds in it's array, without doing so at each location it's used?

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Hi there,

Currently not possible to do it only once somewhere in class declaration - http://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/WI-679 (and similar)

ATM you could try something like this, but without some simple but real example it's hard to say if it will actually work fine:

/** @var bla|bool[] $x */
$x = new bla;


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