Creating a new project from local files


i'm new to PHPStorm. I've been using Sublime Text 2 for a year or so now and the massive leap in complexity is a bit overwhelming!

I'm getting stuck straight away when trying to create a project.

I have the project already set up locally. I'm using my Mac's built in Apache server and have configured a vitrual host that points to my project directory so that i can run it under http://myproject.localhost.

When trying to set the project up in PHPStorm i've selected the 2nd option from the top, which is something along the lines of 'Webserver is installed locally, my project files are located elsewhere locally' which describes my situation exactly.

It then asks me to tell it where the local files are which is no problem but then the next step is asking me to specify a remote server. There is where i'm getting stuck. I've already told PHPStorm the project is installed locally and is running under a local server so why is it now asking for a remote server? There is no remote server and there never will because i'm only using this project to learn Symfony.

So how should I actually set my project up?

Thank you!

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Hi there,

The option you have selected "Webserver is installed locally, my project files are located elsewhere locally" -- the keyword there is ELSEWHERE. This option is for situation when you want to have your project located in (let say) /Projects/myProject while actual website is located in another place, lets say /Websites/myProject (sorry, I'm not a Mac user so not familar with more proper paths). You need to transfer those files somehow (at this specific moment during project creation: from website to project location... and then later, when you will be making changes to files: back from project to website location to see those changes on website). Deployment functionality (Remote Server) is used for this -- even if file is located on the same computer, just in different folder.

Therefore IDE is absolutely correct here -- you just unfamiliar with terminology.

I think you do not need such setup, and first option is what you need: you open your project directly from website root so no additional file movement is required, at all.

If you think that wizard is a bit confusing (which could be for new users, especially for those rather new to PHP/programming), just use "Open Directory" option instead of "Create New Project from Existing Files" wizard:

  • the first one just creates new project in that folder and you ready to go (all other configuration you will have to do manually later (and once you know what needs to be done (if at all), it's like 2-3 extra minutes later))
  • while wizard will help you to perform some basic (most necessary) configuration during project creation.
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I see - that makes sense, i'll just open the directory up for now until i get used to PHPStorm. I wasn't sure if i'd lose features by not creating a 'proper' project, for example completion of class names in other files.

Thank you for the in-depth answer :)

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Nothing will be lost -- wizard just helps with some (rather basic) configuration (like domain name; deployment; excluded folders etc). All of this can still be configured manually later.


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