Git notification of changes

I used Perforce as a VCS and recently switched to Git. One of the features i miss is the indicator at the bottom right informing me that  my project is out of date compared to the repository. Is there such a notification for Git? What about for projects with multiple Git roots?

My setup:

I have a library-like project which is under development and a client project for that library. They are in different repositories. I cloned each of them locally (using command line git) and added the clones as aditional content roots so i can work on them at the same time. I also disabled synchronized branches because the projects are quite independent.

My questions:
Is there a way to see that the remote repository has changed (has new commits)? Would you have set-up my projects differently?

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This would interest me too, it would be a useful feature, when we are working together on a project.

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Kalvintamasendre, if you have Settings/Preferences | Version Control | Git | Explicitly check for incoming commits on remotes enabled, branches with new commits are marked with blue arrows in the branches menu:


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