nesting files in project explorer

I'm quite new to WebStorm but wondering how it decides which files to nest in project explorer when opening project?

For example, in my project there are javascript files and their minified versions - so there are files like script1.js and script1.min.js in the same folder.
When I open folder, Webstorm shows some of these files as nested (the .js file is expandable and there is nested .min.js under it) and some not.

I would like the WebStorm to treat the same types of files in the same way (probably the nesting of minified files looks better). How can I do it?

(Anyway, it seems to me very - it looks like random behavior.)

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Hi there,

How can I do it?

You cannot create your own nesting rule.

What you see is done by FileWatcher plugin -- it groups processed (generated/intermediate) files under main file.

Generic "group similarly-named files" ticket to watch after:

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For anyone landing here, you can edit those rules on the projects tab settings menu, under "file nesting...". Files are nested by different suffix.


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