Java/Web Modules in IntelliJ 4.

I am trying to restore my projects to the way they worked in IntelliJ 3.

I have created two seperate modules in my project; my standard java module and a separate Web module. I have added content roots project_path\jsp and project_path\www to the Web module.

I have also set up two resouce directories /jsp and /www.
I have checked the dependency so the Web module relies on the java module.

The issue I am having is getting the JSPs to properly validate. IntelliJ will not see the /WEB-INF/*.tld files.

I have tried adding the WEB-INF directory as a content-root and a resource directory and it works fine. However when I run my ant clean script it deletes the WEB-INF which invalidates the content root changes the path of my resource directory to \WEB-INF rather than the c:\tomcat\webapps\pmt\WEB-INF that I had set.

Because of these issues I'm thinking that I am not setting up my project correctly. I have read through the forums but have not found anything that fixed my issues. Can anyone point me in the right direction?


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