JSP Include directive not finding include files and 4.0

In Idea 4.0.3, I have this directive in a JSP:
<%@ include file="/com/genrad/app/common/client/GUITop.include" %>

The file shows up in red as an error. I used this same directory with Idea 3.0 with only a little trouble (had to add the .include extension as a file JSP file type). I have done that in 4.0, and it still doesn't seem to find the .include file.

I search the knowledge base and the forums, but there was little help. I tried creating a web module, but that didn't help either. (I can't use J2EE server integration because we have a non-standard web app).

I have also tried using .jsp as the extension, and it didn't help. I vaguely remember a way to tell 3.0 that the root for my web app is this directory. Is there any way to do this?

Any ideas?


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