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I'm using Ubuntu on VirtualBox. Everything is set up on  the VM. PhpUnit, xDebug etc. I know, that I can remotely use this tools with PhPStorm. My Question is, how to createa project. At the moment, I just "Open directory" and use a network mapping. But how do I correctly set up a project with PhPStorm?

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Hi there,

The recommended way is to work with local copy of your project files (with autodeployment to remote on save) vs working with files over network directly.

On Welcome screen (or "File" in main menu) choose "Create New Project from Existing Files" and go from there (choose the most appropriate option for you). Automatic deployment can later be setup in "Settings | Deployment | Options".

Alternatively -- just create new project locally (any convenient to you path) and copy all required files to the project using your File Manager or by setting up Deployment entry and then using it from within IDE ("Tools | Deployment | Browse Remote Host" .. or just "Remote Host" side panel if already available)


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