Debugging with XDebug, Drupal 7, PHP 7, Multi-Site setup for drupal modules

Hi all,

I've read instructions for setting up Drupal 7 and PHP 7 and I've got everything working except the debugging.  I can't get the debugging working for custom modules.

My directory structure is:



In PhpStorm I choose:

1. "Web server is installed locally, source files are located under its document root."

2. I choose my project folder as: /Library/WebServer/Documents/drupal/sites/all/modules/MY_CUSTOM_MODULE

I essentially follow all of the instructions at:

PhpStorm has no problems parsing the drupal module, doing code completion for drupal, handling the drupal hooks, etc.  However, it is not doing debugging correctly.

It says "Remote file path '/Library/WebServer/Documents/drupal/index.php' is not mapped to any file path in project".  Not really sure what I'm supposed to do here, since I don't want the main drupal isntallation in my project.  I want to work on MY_CYSTOM_MODULE.

I've spent several hours searching the forums; I appreciate any insight.
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Hi there,

Xdebug is trying to debug "/Library/WebServer/Documents/drupal/index.php" (main entry) file .. which (based on your info) is outside of your project.

I guess disabling "Force break at the first line when script is outside the proejct" (Preferences | PHP | Debug) should be enough (if you not planning to have those files in your project; I just not sure of this would be enough from xdebug side when providing debug info -- I'm not sure since I'm nor Drupal user).

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Well I found a solution, though I don't know if it's the correct solution or not.

When I start a new project in PhpStorm instead of picking my module's directory as the project directory I just pick's Drupal main root directory, /Library/WebServer/Sites/drupal/, as the project root directory.  Doing so brings the entire Drupal installation directory structure under into PhpStorm, which I guess sort of solves the problem.  Then I can go into MY_MODULE's .module file from within PhpStorm, set a breakpoint, and debug as always and everything has the expected behavior.


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