PHPStorm 7 Ubuntu: what happened to the fonts?

Any idea what's going on? Compared to the latest 6 version, in 7 the fonts of the darcula theme look bigger, and in the editor part less crispy?
Is there a way to have it back like 6? (I like the improvements, but there's really something weird with the fonts... )

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Small update:

For the Editor looks like it went from using DejaVu Sans Mono 12 to using Source Code Pro... The previous looks way better & crisper. I can remove Source Code Pro from the selected fonts so Deja Vu will appear, however it doesn't keep its settings from some reason. For some reason I can't select DejaVu directly either, I have to remove Source Code Pro, click apply, get out of the settings and back in...

Not sure yet what happened to the IDE font sizes itself, looks like they have been set to bigger too.

Did the Darcula theme change perhaps?

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Hi there,

Please show the screenshot of the settings screen where "it does not keep the settings"

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Editor > Colors & Fonts > Font

What I mean with does not keep its settings is that when I close the IDE, the next time it's back to using Source Code Pro - see screenshot


Also, here's a comparison between v6 (left) & 7 (right) with the out of the box settings:


I'm not sure it's obvious... you'll need to view the original images out of the lightbox, the lightbox screws them up..

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1) You cannot modify it because controls are disabled to prevent modifying built-in color scheme --

2) Font's in this settings screen affects Editor area only (plus some other areas like console/teminal; vcs status etc). To override font for menu/dialogs go to "Settings | Appearance"

3) Unfortunately I cannot comment on why different fonts is used (is it part of GUI Theme or what -- not a Linux guy and not following the tickets specific for this OS)

4) But proper font rendering on Linux is rather problematic:

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Thanks for your replies.


1) Ah ok, makes sense

2) Yeah I'm aware of that, just uploaded the screenshot because you asked it, I know it's only for the editor part and the IDE settings are elsewhere.

3) So yes, that's my whole point - in 7 the default fonts used are suddenly different and in a different size.

4) Yeah, but to be honest, the fonts out of the box in the latest 6 versions were perfect.

I guess I'll just have to look into recreating the 6 settings in 7. I think I can live with the IDE fonts, but the editor fonts are unworkable: not sharp, too big, and zoomed smaller they don't look too good... (at least on my 27 inch screen)

Thanks again for your help.


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