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I saw,a new EAP started some times ago under the code name Pallada. So, as there is over 1000 open bugs in tracker, my questions are simple :
- When will be available a new maintenance release of v4 ? Any such plans on v3 ?
- All the "small" features that were in Pallada will be for 5.0 only, what is planned ?
- Will it be possible to improve the overall quality of J2EE developement in next EAP and releases (since in the last EAP, J2EE features were not usable until the very end of it and for this one : j2ee seems to be again broken from the start of the EAP). So, it is hard to have a clear vision of what doesn't work and review new functionnality and their exact scope. As a matter of comparison, some J2EE bugs in v3 were corrected very late (in last maintenance release I think) ?

Thank you for your response,


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Pallada will be IDEA 4.1. A few maintenance releases for 4.0 have been released already and probably more will be.


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